BuiltWith Affiliates

Earn commission when you refer new customers to BuiltWith Plans

Earn lucrative commissions effortlessly by referring new customers to BuiltWith Plans, turning your network into a profitable revenue stream.

With our straightforward affiliate program, you can generate income by simply sharing the value of our powerful web technology insights with your connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The BuiltWith Affiliate Program allows resellers to earn comission on new referrals to the BuiltWith Advanced, Basic, Pro and Team accounts.

To apply you must have an active website, audience, create original content and have experience with the BuiltWith Pro platform.

You are eligible to receive a 10% recurring commission on Advanced, Basic, Pro and Team plans.

Commissions are paid via PayPal after your balance reaches $50 USD and after a 3 month cool down period (to allow for refunds).

At BuiltWith, we're here to empower your success. Maximize your referrals with our extensive support resources designed to boost your content development and increase your referral traffic’s conversion rates. Enjoy access to a vast library of global creative assets, ready-made educational materials, and compelling lead magnets. Plus, gain detailed performance insights through your personal dashboard for optimized results.

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The BuiltWith Affiliate Program requires you to successfully apply and agree to the Affiliate Partner Terms.